Washington DC: President Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus, the White House chief doctor Sean Conley has said. President Trump tested positive for the virus on October 2nd along with his wife and The First Lady, Melania Trump. They were both airlifted from the White House on the same day to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. The whole thing have turned into a scandal since day one. There had been reports of President Trump being reluctant to be airlifted to the military hospital and at the urging of his medical team, he was shifted to the hospital in the 11th hour. The President’s condition reports had been met with criticism with several experts and press outlets criticising Dr. Sean Conley. Two days after being admitted into the military hospital in Maryland, Trump took a car ride waving to his supporters which attracted further criticism from his opponents and the press as well. President Trump had returned to the White House soon violating critical quarantine rules. He stood on the steps of the White House and waved to the press after taking off his face mask. The brief stay at the hospital, the inconsistent medical reports, the hasty return to the White House provided ample fodder for his opponents and the press. Trump insisted that he was feeling well at the time and that the public should not let the virus cause fear and take control of their lives.

Post-return, the commission of Presidential Debates cancelled the second presidential debate scheduled to be held in Miami. The first debate turned into an ugly spat between Trump and Biden. This Sunday, the White House had invited two thousand guests to the White House to hear President Trump speech from the White House balcony. Experts like Anthony Fauci continues to insist that the coming winter months would be critical in the battle against the virus as the pandemic tends to amplify in colder temperatures. The White House continues to defend the President’s actions and more than 10 people in Trump’s most trusted inner circle had been tested positive for the virus. Trump has doubled down his attacks on Joe Biden, the Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala Harris and other liberal news networks in the United States since his return.