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New Delhi: Vice-President of India Venkaiah Naidu has tested negative for the coronavirus and recovered well according to the Vice-President office. The vice-president had tested positive for the coronavirus on 29th of last month. At the time of diagnosis, the vice-president had shown no symptoms but went into isolation along with his wife, Mrs. Usha Naidu. All India Institute of Medical Sciences has tested Venkaiah Naidu and the result came in negative for both the vice-president and his wife. Venkaiah Naidu has long been a stalwart in Bhartiya Janata Party and had worked under several key BJP leaders such as Atal Bihari Vachpaye, L. K. Advani and the incumbent Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Venkaiah Naidu served in various ministeries previously before taking oath for the vice-president’s office on 11th August of 2017.

Venkaiah Naidu was born in Nellore district of then Madras state in 1949. The 71-year old attributed his swift recovery from the coronavirus to native Indian food and physical fitness.

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