Washington DC: The First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump has revealed that her son Barron Trump had contacted the coronavirus. The 14-year old is the youngest son of President Donald Trump and Melania Trump. The First Lady stated that their son had coronavirus but showed no symptoms whatsoever. According to her, Barron fully recovered and is now in a healthy state. An event held on September 26th in the White House is thought to be likely a super spreader event. The event was held by President Trump to announce his Supreme Court Justice nomination Amy Coney Barrett. Photographs from the event showed that the event did not follow CDC guidelines such as mandatory social distancing and wearing face masks. After the event, President Trump and the First Lady had tested positive for the coronavirus. President Trump had been airlifted to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. President Trump stayed at the hospital for a brief period and then returned to the White House without any information regarding his coronavirus status released to the press or the public.

The stay at the hospital and the hasty return to the White House amidst the pandemic has turned sour for President Trump. Opponents and the press alike ripped through President Trump, his campaign and the tepid actions of the White House. Shortly after returning to the White House, President Trump declared that he felt powerful and ready to be on the campaign trail. Since his coronavirus positive test, more than 10 people in Trump’s most trusted inner circle have also been tested positive which included Senators, public figures, and high-ranking White House officials.

President Trump declared that he was immune to the coronavirus and feeling healthy in a rally held in Florida. In another rally held in the state of Iowa, Trump told his supporters that his son recovered fully from the virus but exhibited no symptoms in the first place and this could be the reason why the schools could reopen. He also said that the teenagers had low risk of contacting the virus because they were usually healthy and immune.

The First Lady said that the coronavirus in her family had given her time to reflect on personal things such as family, her work, and friendships. She said that her worst fears came true when her son tested positive but they were able to take care of each other during these testing times.