Washington DC: President Trump has returned to the White House after he was tested positive for the coronavirus. The President spent three days in a military hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. The President and his wife Melania Trump were tested positive for the virus on Friday and then were airlifted to the Bethesda medical centre aboard Air One. President Trump has gone under treatment with the drug Remdesivir and the steroid drug dexamethasone and the president will be given the same drug treatment inside the White House. It has a been tumultuous few weeks for the President and the White House. The New York Times have recently published Income Tax reports of Donald Trump. In the past, Trump sidelined the tax issues by saying that his financial records were under audit and could not be released publicly. The reports caused an uproar among the American public and press after the leaked reports revealed that President Trump showed continuous losses in his business ventures and therefore paid dismal taxes to the American government. Despite claiming as an extremely successful businessman in his maiden presidential campaign in 2016 and then after, the reports showed that Trump ventures had continually lost money. President Trump claimed his brilliant business acumen will be a major assistance for him to steer the American economy in the right direction. Regardless of the income losses, the President and his family continue to have a luxurious lifestyle.

President Trump had locked horns with the Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden in the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, last Tuesday. The debate was regarded as one of the worst and controversial debates in recent American history.

Hope Hicks, one of the senior aides to President Trump has been tested positive for the coronavirus last week. Soon after, President Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania were also tested positive for the virus. After experiencing mild symptoms such as fever and dropped levels of blood oxygen, the President and the First Lady were taken to the hospital in Maryland. During his stay at the hospital, Trump has been treated with dexamethasone and Remdesivir. The president has been widely criticised by the public and health experts around the world for flouting quarantine guidelines by taking a ride in his car and waving to his supporters on Sunday. After being released from the hospital, Trump had said that he feels better now and understood the coronavirus. He also told he would be on campaign trail. Trump will be vying for a second presidential term and will be locked in a race with Joe Biden in this year’s elections which are scheduled to take place on November 3rd. More than 7 million coronavirus cases have had been recorded in the United States and more than 200,000 people have succumbed to the virus making the country as the worst hit country in the world due to the pandemic.

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