Washington DC: President Trump has been trailing badly against the Democratic National Party Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden in several national polls. Early voting has already began in several key states and a record number of voters have had turned out at the voting centres to cast their vote. According to media reports on Thursday, 14 million Americans turned up to vote in early voting. President Trump has been hoping for a second term in the White House with the incumbent Vice-President Mike Pence in tow who is also seeking a second term as the United States Vice-President. Trump and Pence are facing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who are vying for the President and Vice-President positions respectively.

The year 2020 has been particularly harrowing for President Trump marred with several scandals that rocked his administration to its core. Since his election in 2016, President Trump’s presidential career has been wrought with scandal after scandal with the most damning of them coming this year. Days before he was tested positive for the coronavirus, The New York Times published the tax returns of Trump which had shown that Trump paid measly sums to the IRS despite claiming to be a billionaire and exceptional businessman. Previously, Trump refused to disclose his tax returns to public citing that his financial records were under audit and therefore unable to make the returns public. After months of downplaying the global pandemic, President Trump had contacted the virus himself along with his wife, the First Lady, Melania and their youngest son, Barron Trump. Trump had been taken to a military hospital in Maryland after exhibiting symptoms but attracted further criticism after violating the guidelines. He took a joy ride in his car waving at his supporters two days after he was admitted into the hospital. He made a hasty return to the White House claiming that he was free of the coronavirus and felt powerful. In a rally addressing his supporters in Florida, the President claimed that he was immune to the coronavirus and ready to take on his opponents in the election battle.

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in March, more than 200,000 Americans have lost their lives due to the deadly virus and throughout the pandemic, Trump claimed that the virus was not as dangerous as health experts were making it out to be. His statements frequently contradicted the opinions of health experts such as the distinguished Dr. Anthony Fauci.  An overwhelming number of Americans has opined in a survey that they take Dr. Fauci’s advice more seriously than the President’s. Dr. Fauci has been working as the Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. Earlier this week, Dr. Fauci’s were allegedly taken out of context and were used in an ad campaign video of President Trump. Dr. Fauci said that he had never given permission to Trump’s campaign to use his words or any other political candidates for that matter emphasising his bi-partisan stance throughout his career that spanned more than five decades.

More than 12 people have had been diagnosed with the coronavirus who were members of Trump’s most trusted circle. The health experts and Dr. Fauci opined that the event organized by the White House on September 26th to announce Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nomination Amy Conley Barrett could be a super spreader event. The guests at the event were photographed with several of them in attendance without wearing face masks. Trump and Biden clashed in a controversial first presidential debate which was denounced by political leaders and the American public as well. As of late, the chances of Trump re-election to the nation’s highest office are appearing to be running out, and Trump has been lately resorting to undermining his own allies.

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