Hyderabad: According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Telangana grabbed the fourth position in cyber-crimes in India with Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Assam taking the first three places respectively. According to the date from NCRB, there has been a 70% spike in cases this year much of them owing to fraudulent KYC scams and marketplace frauds during the lockdown period. Since the lockdown, citizens restricted to their homes have ordered groceries and other essentials through e-commerce sites.

Due to this increased online activity, cyber-criminals lured customers into giving out their KYC and other confidential information. According to experts, the percentage of cyber-crime shows no signs of ceasing and is likely to increase in the future. The data also showed that Hyderabad ranks second in the cities with most cases with Bangalore occupying the first place. A total 1,629 cyber-crime cases have been reported in Telangana with more than 1,300 cases reported in Hyderabad itself.