Hyderabad: Telangana government will participate in a meeting that is likely to decide when the private and public schools in the state would be reopened for the students. The current date set for the reopening of the schools is October15th and the central government has given flexibility to the state governments how to operate the reopened the schools and the guidelines to ensure that no students be infected with the virus. Private schools in Hyderabad have stated they are ready to open and would follow all mandatory and necessary guidelines and rules to prevent any infections and provide a safe learning space for all students. However, the state schools could not be reopened so easily. The state schools have measly budgets with some officials saying that they are barely to pay the rents for the buildings, and it may cost a great deal of money to ensure that all covid guidelines and regulations are being followed.

The President of Telangana Parents Association has said that a majority number of parents are not willing to send their children to the school during the pandemic. Currently, private schools and junior colleges have been running online classes to the students but the electronic devices such as a computer or a mobile device and internet plans that can show the classes are considered expensive by majority of the population. Doordarshan Yadagiri has been running lessons on their channel freely for the students. It is yet to be seen when and how normalcy in the lives of students in India would return. More than one lakh Indians have died so far because of the pandemic and the nation currently hold the second rank in the world in terms of total infections.