Hyderabad: As the climate change continues in more ways than any of us has ever expected, last month set a record of being the hottest September on record. The news is particularly devastating as the world continue to battle against wildfires in California and South America and extreme flooding in France and Italy. According to Copernicus Climate Change Agency in Europe, September was the hottest on the record. The climate activists, researchers and scientists continue to bemoan the lack of action of world countries against the climate change saying that they have had predicted this current outcome decades ago and now is the time to make or break our planet.

Wildfires, starting in August, continued to rage across California and South America destroying thousands of hectares of woodlands and in turn robbing the native species of their inhabitation. France and Italy has seen extreme flooding this month and a recent report by the Australian Science Agency said that after collecting samples from the ocean floor in the Southern coast of Australia, they have estimated that 14 tonnes of plastic waste was found in the ocean floor. These grim statistics emphasise the need for a formidable battle against the climate change which has been changing our planet every day. Carbon emissions and waste have contaminated the earth’s environment, piercing through the ever-important ozone layer. Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of England has vowed to take the war against climate change seriously but the researchers and the activists are still skeptical as to how the prime minister will back up his promises and demanded actions rather than promises. 

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