Washington DC: The second presidential debate between President Trump and the former Vice-President Joe Biden have been cancelled, The Commission on Presidential Debates announced in a statement on Friday. In the last 48 hours, both Democratic National Party and Republican Party fought over the second debate with Biden’s camp asking for a virtual debate and the commission granted the request for the candidates to take part in a virtual debate but Donald Trump outrightly dismissed the idea of having a virtual debate saying that the moderator would have more chances to cut him off during the debate and he insisted that he was completely healthy to participate in the debate despite being testing positive for the coronavirus last Friday.

Biden campaign will instead see the former Vice-President take part in a town hall where the voters would put questions to Joe Biden. Biden earlier said that he would not participate in the second presidential debate if President Trump was still infected. The health of the  president and his current covid status remains mysterious to the press and the American people as well. There were no reports of Trump testing negative after his brief stay at Walter Reed Military Hospital over the last weekend and Trump returned to the White House saying he felt better and ready take on his presidential duties and continue his campaign trail for 2020 elections. He attracted criticism from all parts of the society since returning to the White House. His critics pointed out that his return to the White House as dangerous and disregard for his own life and of the others as well. Normally, the doctors say that a covid patient will experience symptoms for two weeks if he/she only exhibits mild symptoms and it takes 3-6 weeks if the there are severe symptoms in the patients. Donald Trump was airlifted to the military hospital on Friday, and he returned to the White House after only three days with no statement as to his current covid status. The President also took a car ride last Sunday waving at his supporters who decked out opposite to Walter Reed Military Hospital.

More than 10 people have been tested positive for the coronavirus who are part of Trump’s most trusted inner circle. There have been reports that Rose Garden event held for announcing the Supreme Court Justice nominee on the lawns of the White House could be an super-spreader event of the virus and one of the senior aides to Trump, Hope Hicks tested positive days before Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump themselves had tested positive.

The scheduled second debate in Miami will not go on as planned and Trump campaign accusing Biden of cancelling the debate because the former Vice-President fears that Trump amplification of down-trodden American voices would be voiced out in the debate. In response, the Trump critics argued that the President was insecure about debating Biden because he now considers Biden as a legitimate threat to his presidency. Biden is trailing high in national and network polls and the last debated ended in a nasty showdown in Cleveland with the event garnering extreme criticism from the press and the American public.