Geneva: A recent trial by World Health Organization has concluded that anti-viral drug, Remdesivir has shown little or no effect on the coronavirus. The trial was conducted in more than 30 countries and more than 11,000 patients participated in the trial. Recently, Remdesivir was used in treating the United States incumbent President Donald Trump when he was briefly hospitalized after testing positive for the virus.  Remdesivir was originally developed for Hepatitis disease and later for viral infections like Ebola. The WHO trial finds that Remdesivir is reviewing its options on how to move forward during the current coronavirus pandemic that is raging across the world. More than a million people have died so far due to the pandemic that broke out in early March. The deadly coronavirus reportedly originated from a wet market in Wuhan which is situated in Hubei province in China. But  there were reports that the virus may not have had originated from the Wuhan market and China rejected all claims that the virus had originated in the Asian country. According to the scientists and health experts, the coronavirus may have been originated in either bats or pangolins.

Remidisivir is manufactured by pharmaceutical company Gilead. The company has rejected the WHO study and said that the drug is being used across the world to treat covid-19 and the drug was decreasing the recovery period by five days. Gilead contested the trial design and complained that the trial has not been peer reviewed properly and did not undergo rigorous scientific testing before the results were published.

Remdisivir is being used in several countries such as the United States, India and the United Kingdom and the health experts, doctors have opined that the recent trial conducted by WHO on Remdesivir only amplified the opinions in medical community that the drug was not suitable to treat the coronavirus. Nearly, 40 million people in the world have had been infected by the virus so far and the virus has been particularly damaging to people with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems. Studies had shown that children and teenagers have shown a considerable resistance to the coronavirus due to their high immunity but warned that younger people even those without any chronic diseases are prone to the virus. Several vaccine candidates are being developed around the globe and are in different phases. There are countless lingering doubts about the vaccine among the public that when the vaccine would arrive and if approved by medical regulatory bodies, who would first receive the vaccine and how much it would cost an average person to obtain the vaccine.