Pyongyang: North Korea held a massive military parade on Saturday night in the presence of North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un. The parade was held in the honour of the 75th anniversary of Worker’s Party. The parade was banned for any foreigners or foreign press. The foreign residents in Pyongyang were told to avoid the area during the parade. The ban resulted in no foreign press footage of the parade. It is a common truth in international circles that the North Korean Government heavily edits, exaggerates, lies in the state-made media. After seeing the edited video of the parade, the experts pointed out several ballistic missiles and the international press and curious public outside North Korea were left with a hanging question. Is North Korea planning to stir up problems again? If they did indeed plan to do so, the parade provides an irrefutable evidence that the North Korean government was sending a clear-cut message to major powers in the world.

In his 2016 election campaign, President Trump vowed to strengthen ties with the enemy states such as Russia and North Korea. The President met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and had also met Kim Jong-un in a summit in 2018. Before the 2016 elections, North Korea repeatedly threatened the West with a nuclear missile and at one time, the Californians believed that they may end up receiving a nuclear missile across the Pacific and into the California. Donald Trump was elected in a shock to the world, and Trump placed the peace between the United States and North Korea at the top of his agenda. He attended the summit and delivered his promise that his visit had birthed a new era in bilateral relations between North Korea and the United States. The North Korean government had not since held a military parade. But, Kim Jong-un had decided to show the world its mighty military prowess and leaving the world to speculate wildly about the timing and the reasoning behind the parade. Not that reasoning occupies a decent place in the North Korean government. Are the North Koreans convinced that Trump will be dethroned come November? Is the so-called Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un fed up with Trump and materialising plans if Biden does end up taking the seat in the Oval office?

Kim Jong-un claimed that none of the North Korean citizens contacted the coronavirus and prayed for the people across the world who are suffering from the pandemic. At the outset, people who recently became curious about international politics may have ended up thinking that the Supreme Leader was in fact genuine. If the human history has had any taught us any lessons about power abuse, it is that the dictators instil a false sense of patriotism, exaggerating losses to the point where an average country man would end up seething at the major powers who were supposedly betrayed and looted their country. In some cases, it is true. For decades since the World War-II ended, major powers like the United States, United Kingdom, Russia have continued to meddle in the international politics waging wars that had caused countless fatalities on both sides. The experts are not certainly exaggerating when they stated that the world is currently living in the most violent period in human history. And poor old Darwin thought that humans were meant for evolving, not vice-versa.


The saying. “take it with a grain of salt” would not be wise to follow when you listen to Kim Jong-un. Since the Korean Peninsula was divided into two halves, the South Korea adopted a secular point of view in every aspect of their day to day lives. It paid off. South Korea now enjoys an immense respect on the world stage for its democracy, innovation, infrastructure, manufacturing and most importantly freedom of speech. The country laws aimed at national prosperity and through hard work and proper governmental structures and laws in place, the country did indeed reach its goal. The same cannot be said for their Northern neighbours. In years after Japan surrendered Korea after its defeat to the Allied Nations, North Korea formed a separate government with Worker’s Party of Korea taking the leadership and the same political party still continues to exist as the leaders of the country. Kim Jong-un claims that North Korea enjoys all constitutional freedoms such as free and fair elections which severely contrasts the state of the politics in his state. A middle school student can clearly claim that no single party can win elections for a period of 75 years no matter how much it dishes out to its citizens. North Korean elections are a fraudulent and the experts estimate that the country is ridden with malnutrition.

North Korean government continues to show its military might through parades, marches and their so-called undying love for the Supreme Leader but the world can see clear as crystal that the country is suffering greatly in all aspects under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un. Whilst reading about the latest military parade in Pyongyang, an old saying my grandfather used to say came to mind. Never believe a government who puts grandiose names such as democratic or republic in the prefix. The old man, turned out was telling the truth.