Hyderabad: At the unveiling of a new molecular and stem laboratory in Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, the health minister of Telangana, Eatala Rajender has said that the Gandhi Hospital will soon open its doors to patients suffering from other diseases and illnesses soon. Gandhi Hospital has been designated as a coronavirus treatment centre since the outbreak in March. The hospital has stopped treating patients with other diseases and illnesses in light of the highly dangerous coronavirus which can transmit between people easily.

The health minister has dedicated the new laboratory to the people and said that Gandhi Hospital’s current occupancy by the covid-19 patients stands at 300 and the hospital will avail non-covid services. The total bed capacity at Gandhi Hospital is 2,000. The Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences has planned expansion in future which will cost Rs. 250 crores and plans to avail the money through a loan. The health minister was optimistic saying that a new block will assist the hospital to treat more out-patient cases than before. He also said that the ministry had been planning to construct new hospitals across Hyderabad which will benefit hugely to the people in the city and in the surrounding districts.

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