New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India on Monday instructed the National Testing Agency to declare NEET 2020 results this Friday i.e., October 16th. The highest court in the country has also instructed the agency to conduct the examination on October 14th for those who missed the examination last month due to testing positive for the coronavirus and for the students stuck in the containment zones across the country. The court has given the new orders on Monday after CBSE had requested to take the students who either tested positive for the coronavirus or stuck in the containment zones into consideration and permit them to take the examination. The court heard the request by CBSE and granted it.

NEET 2020 examination was conducted on 16th of the last month under strict supervision of concerned authorities and officials. The examination was deemed to be efficiently executed by following the guidelines issued by the government in the current covid climate. Nearly 1.6 million students were scheduled to appear for the examination last month but only 85 percentage of those students were able to appear for the examination. The rest of the students hopes for appearing in the examination were hampered by ill health caused by covid-19 or being the residents of the containment zones in the country. The Union Minister of Education Dr. Ramesh Sishank had tweeted that the precise timing of the results would be announced soon and the students who were unable to appear for the last month’s examination would be given a second chance to appear in the examination on October 14th. The students could breath easily knowing that they could still attend the examination this year. The examination conducted last month was reported to be relatively easier and the students are expecting higher cut-offs this year due to the same reason.