New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ‘Svamitva’ property cards on Sunday. According to the officials, one lakh property holders would benefit from the latest initiative launched by Modi’s government. The initiative would enable property holders to download a property card. A link would be sent to the mobile of a property holder through SMS and the SMS would provide a link in where the said holder could download a property card. Digital property cards are meant to be only preliminary and physical property cards would be distributed at a later date by the state governments.

Emphasising the needs of Indian farmers in the present climate, PM Modi said that the opposition has not been supportive to the farming community. He also said that the opposition was the ones who are looking to stall the development in the country. PM Modi opined that the same opposition ignored the farmers and poor and were serving the middlemen instead of the voters. He also said that the use of uncouth language is not acceptable presumably hitting back at Rahul Gandhi who had called PM Modi as a ‘coward.’

Modi’s government has recently passed three highly controversial farming bills through both houses in the Parliament. These new laws, according to the Modi government would provide more ownership to the farmers rather than the middlemen. The opposition parties such as Congress, Akali Dal and farmers took to protesting the new laws complaining that the current government had not taken the opinions of the opposition parties and the farmers into consideration before passing the bills.

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