Bengaluru: The state government of Karnataka has decided it will fine any individual who is seen not wearing a mask. The government will levy a fine of Rs. 1000/- on people who flout the mask guidelines in urban centres and a fine of Rs. 500/- for offenders in rural areas. Karnataka stands in the second place in the covid-19 charts in India in terms of active cases registered daily. This past week, Karnataka continued to register 10,000 cases daily with more than 4,000 cases amounting to the city of Bengaluru itself. With a high immigration from other states in India and a massive business and IT sector concentrated in Bengaluru city, the coronavirus has been taking its toll on the Southern state.

The new guidelines come on the heels after a large amount of public have had been seen not wearing masks in highly crowded areas across India. Health experts emphasise that wearing a mask is the first step to stop the coronavirus from spreading further. India has already seen a substantial rise in the new infection rates and more than one lakh people have died so far in the country. Health experts and officials are experiencing difficulties on predicting how and when the virus will end.