Washington DC: The American pharmaceutical giant, Johnson & Johnson has said in a statement that the company has halted the covid-19 vaccine trial temporarily. The company has added that the trial had to be paused after a trial participant has taken ill. The reason behind the patient illnesses has not been disclosed, and the company itself has stated that the illness was still a mystery to the company. Participants could enrol in the vaccine trial by registering online. Normally, the companies would then put the interested parties through rigorous filters before narrowing down the list of participants to take part in the vaccine trial. Johnson & Johnson has said that the online registration for the interested individuals who were willing to take part in the trial was closed. Numerous vaccine candidates across the globe are in works. Pharmaceutical companies have tied up with prestigious vaccine manufacturers, research companies and universities to produce an effective vaccine against the coronavirus. None of the vaccine trials would effectively guarantee that the produced vaccines may work, but the companies and universities were going ahead racing against the time to produce it. China has the highest number of vaccine candidates in the world followed by the United States.


In India, a vaccine trial is being conducted by the Serum Institute of India (SII) in conjunction with Oxford University. The vaccine has entered the critical human trials in September and is currently underway in Pune, Maharashtra. In the past, the Oxford vaccine was also briefly paused but resumed after. It is yet unknown when Johnson & Johnson would resume the vaccine trial but according to the experts, the more vaccine trials being conducted, the more chances of producing an effective vaccine against the virus. As of today, more than 37 million people have had been infected with the coronavirus and more than one million people have died so far. The current pandemic broke out in March this year and shows no sings of ceasing as the death toll continues to climb across the globe. The last major pandemic occurred in 1918 called “Spanish Flu” and it was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history with number of deaths estimated between 17-100 million. The current covid-19 pandemic may play out differently as the world had changed drastically since the Spanish flu but the experts insist that the world has to tread lightly despite having massive advancements in science and technology.