New Delhi: India reported more than 75,000 new cases of the coronavirus with 937 people passed away due to the virus in the last 24 years. The latest figures see the numbers drop slightly. The country has had been reporting more than 80,000 new cases during this week with death toll number crossing 1,000 mark daily. In the past few months, there was a brief dip in new infections and deaths but only to resume registering record cases again. As of October 3rd, 5,506,732 people have had recovered from the deadly virus so far and the death toll crossed the unfortunate 1 lakh mark earlier this week. The total number of infections in India has climbed to 6,547,413.

Maharashtra remains as the worst-hit state in India and the country itself ranking second in the world in terms of total infections. Several establishments in the country such as bars, clubs, pubs and movie theatres are due to open from October 15 as part of the unlock phase. The establishments are given strict measures and guidelines to be followed when they restart this month and any violations of the guidelines will have the government issue strict penalties on the places that are not operating according to the guidelines.