New Delhi: India has registered nearly 75,000 new coronavirus cases and 902 deaths on Sunday. The new figures although unsettling come after weeks the country had registered more than 85,000 cases and more than 1,000 deaths on daily basis. The latest figures are by no means indicate that India has already passed the peak. Past analysis show that the number of new infections and deaths reduce for a short period as in 2 days or so and then again report record number cases. The health experts and doctors across the nation continue their warnings of taking utmost precautions such as wearing a mask and washing hands frequently emphasising that these measures will allow the virus spread to slow down.

With a feeble health care system, the country has been struggling to contain the coronavirus with several medical necessities coming in short at this time of need. When the pandemic began in March, countries like Italy, Spain, France, Iran and the United States had massive new infections but was able to pass the peak by June. Precautionary measures and strategic lockdown with a graded unlocking in phases assisted the countries to contain the virus spread. The United States continue to register a substantial amount of new cases, but there has been some positive indications as if the peak has passed but the health experts in the US warn the public that they should brace themselves for a second wave which could turn out to be as deadly as the first. Last Friday, Donald Trump, the President of the United States had been airlifted from the White House lawns to a military hospital in Maryland after he and his wife Melania Trump had been tested positive for the virus. The American Government came under harsh criticism in its role of handling the pandemic which cost more than 200,000 lives so far.