New Delhi: India continues its war against the deadly coronavirus with more than 70,000 new cases and 967 deaths reported on Thursday. The new figures on Thursday add up to 6,903,812 total number of cases in India so far 106,521 people have died so far due to the pandemic. According to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, more than 70,000 people have been recovering per day and the recoveries are 6.3 times higher than the total active cases. The ministry has said that the country has seen a decent rise in number of recoveries in October when compared to the last few months. September had been the deadliest month in India in number of new infections and deaths per day and at one time, the country had reported more than 90,000 new cases and the deaths continued to stay above 1,000 for long periods. The Indian government has had been testing more than one million people daily though the country has had seen a dip in testing occasionally. Health experts continue to insist that consistent wide-spread testing and contract tracing are significant in containing the virus.

Government officials said that India can see the administration of a coronavirus vaccine by mid-2021. The public remain cautiously optimistic towards the slight dipping figures and hold their hopes on a successful vaccine to come out soon before we lose more lives to the moronic pandemic. As the largest vaccine manufacturer in India, the country can distribute and administer the vaccine permitting the vaccine successfully goes through the regulatory bodies approval. According to the health officials, people older than 40 years and people with chronic illnesses like blood sugar, blood pressure and heart complications are highly susceptible to the coronavirus but the statistics has shown that young adults below 30 years are also susceptible of contacting the virus.