New Delhi: India has registered 65,126 new coronavirus infections and 886 deaths on Friday. The new infections recorded on Friday brings the total amount of coronavirus cases in the country to 7,432,680. More than one lakh thirteen thousand people have died due to the pandemic and more than 6.5 million people have recovered so far. 2% of those who were infected with the coronavirus have been dying in India. The month of September has been the worst month in terms of new infections and deaths registered in India. October has given a small sign of relief for the citizens with number of deaths occurring daily dropping down. The number of new infections has been hovering in around 60,000 daily in October which is a drastic change when compared to September.

A recent trial conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded that the anti-viral drug Remdesivir is showing no signs of efficacy on the coronavirus patients. The manufacturer of Remdesivir, Gilead defended their drug saying that the drug has had been shortening the recovery period in the coronavirus patients by five days. The drug is being used in the United States, India  and the United Kingdom. Currently, the Oxford University has been working in conjunction with India’s vaccine manufacturing agency Serum Institute of India and AstraZeneca. The vaccine is currently undergoing human clinical trials in Pune.

Despite the drop in the numbers, the doctors and researchers in India are warning the public that the pandemic has not ended by no means and would continue for an unknown time and in the meantime, the public should exercise extreme caution at all times. Face mask and frequent hand washing are the foremost weapons in the battle against the coronavirus. Social distancing is advised strongly when outside and the people were advised not to go out if not necessary. The government and several agencies in the country have been trying to bring more awareness of the pandemic, and the researchers say that more knowledge acquired by the public about the virus, the more we could fight against it.