New Delhi: India, on Monday has registered 54,265 new coronavirus cases in the country and more than 700 people have lost their lives due to the pandemic. India has a total of 7,175,880 infections, and 109,884 people have passed due to the virus. Since the pandemic broke out in March, India had seen a low number of infections and deaths in the first few months. The Central Government in June had begun unlocking the country from the imposed lockdown in several phases. But, the tally of people who were infected with the coronavirus climbed to high rates. In mid-September, the country had seen more than 90,000 people infected with the virus and recorded deaths per day amounted to more than 1,000. October is seeing a slight decrease in the number of cases and deaths. India has reported fewest cases and deaths on Monday for the first time in 63 days. The Indian government is saying that India had indeed passed the peak of the coronavirus but the other experts and researchers are raising different concerns. The experts are saying that India may yet would see a second wave of the coronavirus cases if the country has indeed passed the first wave in the first place.

India holds a low death rate when compared the United States and Brazil. In the United States, more than 200,000 people have lost their lives due to the virus and Brazil recently crossed 150,000 deaths. The low number of deaths in India are being attributed to different reasons by the researchers and doctors. Some are saying that lockdown during the summer is causing low death rate but some researchers are saying that the number of deaths occurred due to the coronavirus in India were grossly underreported. India has a weak death reporting system in place even before the pandemic broke out and several coronavirus patients with chronic diseases like heart diseases and blood pressure and diabetes have had been reported to be died due their chronic illnesses rather than the virus. The figures report only the patients who died in the hospitals and there is no way to report how many deaths have had occurred in India at home.