New Delhi: India has added 78,809 new infections and 963 new deaths on Wednesday. The total number of infections are dangerously edging close to seven million. India has been adding new infections per million at an alarming rate. India crossed the six million mark in late September but is poised to cross the seven million mark in October with the current total number of infections standing at 6,832,988. India has had registering 70,000 + cases per day in October which had seen a slight dip compared to the number of daily cases in September which at one time has reached 93,000. The dip in new infections are to be taken with a caution, according to the health experts since India has previously seen a dip in cases and then a resurgence in new cases followed closely. The scenario of number of cases lessening for a few days and an uptick in the cases are seen around the world. The health experts and scientists are advising that public still needs to adhere to the guidelines provided by the governments to stop the spread of the virus or at least until an effective vaccine is manufactured.

Along with India who ranks in the world charts in terms of total number of the coronavirus infections is struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel with more than one lakh people had already passed away due to the pandemic. The United States and Brazil are also struggling to contain the virus in their respective countries, and all three countries continue to post grim statistics daily. According to the experts, there are only three ways of seeing the end of the coronavirus. The first one is that the virus will eventually disappear from the face of the earth. The 1918 Spanish flu had disappeared after raging across the globe costing tens of millions of lives. The 1918 pandemic existed for more than two years before disappearing completely. The second scenario is that the humans will eventually develop immunity to the coronavirus. This scenario can prove tragic as the herd immunity cannot be achieved unless the coronavirus spreads massively through the earth’s population. The third scenario would be the development of an effective vaccine against the coronavirus. The analytical, logistics and the financial factors regarding an effective vaccine are still up in the air. Vaccine manufacturers have been racing against the time to produce a vaccine which could finally curb the virus.

There is also another saddening scenario regarding the end of the coronavirus. It is not so much as the end but co-dependency. In the future, if the above three scenarios did not materialise, the humans will be forced to live alongside with the virus.