New Delhi: India has registered more than 60,000 new coronavirus infections on Thursday and 835 people have passed away due to the pandemic. The new figures from Thursday would bring the total number of infections in India to 7,370,468 and the number of people who have died to a total tally of 112,161. The United States, India, Brazil, Russia and Argentina occupy the first five places in the world in terms of total infections recorded so far. Brazil is in the third position after India in total number of coronavirus infections, but the South American nation had more deaths than India. In the United States, the country continues to struggle to bring down the numbers as more than 200,000 people have died in the country due to the coronavirus and more than eight million people have had been infected with the virus so far. It is baffling that a country with a solid health care system like the United States has been struggling to contain the virus, and experts believe that despite warnings from the outset, the Trump administration has had magnanimously failed in the country’s battle against their virus. The Trump’s Administration’s failings against the pandemic is speculative and opinion and could turn out to be true in the future when research into the current pandemic would produce evidence that the incumbent United States government could be partially blamed for the suffering of millions of Americans. The country is seeing an unprecedented crisis both in health and economic sectors with many small to moderate businesses hit due to the pandemic. President Trump had failed to come to an agreement with the Congress regarding the stimulus package designed for the relief of the citizens who were hit financially by the pandemic.

In India, the situation has not been different. The efforts from health experts, doctors and frontline workers must be duly applauded, and a few government sectors have been acting impressively during the ongoing pandemic. But a strong healthcare system in place could have avoided loss of life and the country need to make substantial amounts of investments in developing a secure healthcare system for its citizens. For their part, the public should follow the coronavirus guidelines put in place by the experts and could not take a chance on dipping figures and come to a conclusion that the pandemic is losing its grip over the country. Scientists and researchers are yet to come to a definite date as to when the pandemic would end but until then, the citizens should remain vigilant despite the discomfort.