New Delhi: India is closing on the unfortunate seven million mark in terms of total number of infections recorded so far. Currently, India hold the second place in the world for the total number of infections recorded trailing the United States of America and followed by Brazil. India is estimated to cross the United States for the first position sometime next year according, to the health experts. 73,196 new cases were recorded and, 929 people have died due to the coronavirus in the last 24 hours in India. The new figures bring the total number of infections in India to a tally of 5,985,505. 107,450 people have had passed away due to the pandemic since the outbreak in March. The world countries are hopeful that an effective vaccine is the only weapon to battle the coronavirus if we were to end the pandemic soon before it leaves long lasting damage on the world. The pandemic first broke out in Wuhan region of China. And the infections spread to all world countries debilitating the economies and health systems across the world.

In the earlier stages of the pandemic, the coronavirus raged across Italy as it became the epicentre for the virus with tens of thousands of people dying but at the moment, Italy shows signs of relative normalcy but there are concerns in France, Spain, England after a recent spike in new cases. Paris and Madrid, the capitals of France and Spain are on high-alert due to the recent spikes. The United States have had not been left a breather since the outbreak with more than 200,000 dying even though there is a little dip in the new infections recently. The experts in the US warns that the incoming winter season will amplify the outbreak and that the government, hospitals and the public should brace themselves for a terrible period during the flu season. Jair Bolsnaro, the Brazilian President continues to come under severe criticism for downplaying the severity of the coronavirus and his handling of the outbreak in the country. In the north, his American counterpart, President Trump has also been criticised on his handling of the outbreak and the complaints became one of many scandals that are currently engulfing the White House. In India, the public are being instructed to exercise caution during these hard times and to make a habit of wearing a face mask and frequently washing hands. The health system of India has had already been fragile for decades and the current pandemic further lessened its effectiveness, despite the health officials such as doctors, nurses and hospital staff going beyond their duty to save patients.