Hyderabad: Heavy rains across Telangana brought the civilian life to a standstill as numerous areas in Greater Hyderabad had seen high levels of rainfall. Two days ago, the Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrasekhar Rao had instructed Chief Secretary to follow the necessary flood protocols and put Telangana government on high-alert. The meteorological department had warned that several districts in Telangana and the capital Hyderabad itself were prone to heavy rainfall and flooding this week. On Tuesday, continuous rainfall rendered many parts of the city unusable with reports of nine deaths occurring due to the collapse of walls. 11 people have died in Ghouse Nagar after a wall collapsed due to the heavy rainfall. A 40-year old woman and her 15-year old daughter have also died in another incident after a compound wall collapsed on them. The mother and daughter were residents of Ibrahimpatnam area.

Few days ago, after the warnings came from Meteorological Department about heavy rainfall, the Telangana Chief Minister had directed his Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar to instruct all the district Collectors, Police Commissioners and Police Superintendents to be on high-alert and monitor the changing situation and provide necessary assistance for people.

The rainfall is predicted to last another 12-72 hours and coastal Andhra region is also seeing similar rainfall. National Disaster Response Force has been deployed in several flood areas and rescue operations were underway to evacuate people stuck in their houses and heavy flooded causeways.