Hyderabad: Just days after the Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had put the government on high-alert after the Indian Meteorological Department heavy rainfall warnings, torrential rains ripped through the city of Hyderabad, other districts in Telangana, coastal Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad has seen the most rainfall on a day in its history according to the officials at the Meteorological Department. The rain broke through predictions and destroyed the city. More than 1,000 residential colonies were stuck in flooding and residents in several areas of the city reported that they had no electricity for 12-24 hours. The Old Town area in Hyderabad has been particularly hit and several other areas reporting a massive flooding in their streets. The depression passed through the region on Wednesday, but the Indian Meteorological Department retained the yellow warning until Friday.

The rains left a humongous trail of destruction in its wake. An unknown number of people were presumed dead due to the floods with people being washed away by the flood water. Houses and compound walls collapsed taking several lives in Hyderabad and property loss is thought to be extensive. The governments were forced to bring in the army to assist the National Disaster Response Force in the rescue efforts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called the Chief Ministers of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and reviewed the situation.

Due to extended power-cuts, the IT employees concentrated in the city were left with no internet access.