Nurburg: In a hotly contested German Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton won the race and equalled the mind-blowing record of 91 wins set by the former German legendary driver Michael Schumacher. Hamilton was unable to take pole in the qualifying as his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas took the first place on the grid. The Dutch racer, Max Verstappen took the third position in qualifying. The first two practices were absconded after the unrelenting rain showed signs of stopping. The free practices were absconded because the medical helicopter could not be able to reach the nearest hospital from Nurburgring. If any driver were to unfortunately involved in an accident or sustained injuries, the authorities would have been forced to take the injured driver by road and it take 45 minutes to reach in Koblenz. It would only take 20 minutes for the medical helicopter to transport an injured driver.

The clouds cleared on Saturday, and the racers began their last free practice under the clear sky. Notably, one of the two Racing Point cars was left in the garage with only Sergio Perez driving around the track. Later, it was reported that Lance Stroll had taken ill and would not be able to participate in any events during the weekend. And for the third time this year, Racing Point has called up their reserve driver and fan-favourite Nico Hulkenberg to drive the second car. Hulkenberg arrived during the third free practice and took part in the qualifying session later in the day. He finished last in the qualifying while the familiar trio of Bottas, Hamilton and Verstappen nabbed the first three positions on the grid for Sunday race.

Valtteri Bottas was off to a jittery start at the start of the race on Sunday as Lewis Hamilton came incredibly close to overtaking the Finn at Turn 1. But, Bottas managed to retain the pole position but not for long. He began to experience power and mechanical problems in his car allowing Hamilton to easily pass him. Bottas fell down the positions and Renualt’s Daniel Ricciardo quickly responded and took the third position which he impressively held onto the final lap and secured a podium for the first time since 2018 Monaco. The crew of Renault were ecstatic and could not contain their happiness after Ricciardo finished third. Verstappen held onto his second position and finished the race but surely in another disappointed run for the talented Dutchman who could not survive the Mercedes domination this year. Nico Hulkenberg started in the 20th position and by the end of the race, he secured eighth position. In an impressive race which also has seen Hulkenberg taking the driver of the day honours from the fans.

Mick Schumacher was scheduled to drive Alfa Romeo during the first free practice on Friday but rain prohibited the young German to do so. On Sunday, Mick Schumacher stood in Alfa Romeo’s garage as he watched on Lewis Hamilton equal his father’s record of 91 wins in Formula 1. Later, in a touching moment, Mick gifted a Michael Schumacher helmet to Hamilton congratulating him on winning the 91st race of his career.

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