Washington DC: Donald Trump had returned to the White House after a brief stay at Walter Reed Military Hospital, Bethesda in Maryland. Last week, President Trump and his wife Melania Trump were tested positive for the coronavirus and were airlifted aboard Air One to the medical centre in Bethesda. Hope Hicks, one of the senior aides to President Trump had been first reported to have contacted the virus before the President and the First Lady. During his stay at the hospital, President Trump was criticised for taking a car ride and waving to his supporters which was clearly against the quarantine guidelines. President Trump has attracted further criticism for returning to the White House so soon despite no clarifications about his ongoing covid status.

As of Tuesday, 16 people in Trump’s most trusted inner circle have been tested positive for the virus so far. The White House denied that Rose Garden Event held on the White House lawns on September 26th is a super spreader of the virus. Images of the event were widely circulated in news and social media with several guests and attendees closing in close proximity without wearing masks. Global stock markets have taken a hit since the news of Trump tested positive last Friday broke out.

List of people who are tested positive around Trump

1.       Hope Hicks (Presidential Aide)

2.       Ronna McDaniel (RNC Chairwoman)

3.       Mike Lee (Republican Senator)

4.       Thom Tillis (Republican Senator)

5.       Kellyanne Conway (Former Adviser)

6.       Chris Christie (Campaign Adviser)

7.       Bill Stepien (Campaign Manager)

8.       Nicholas Luna (Personal Assistant)

9.       John Jenkins (Notre Dame President)

10.   Greg Laurie (Pastor)

11.   Kayleigh McEnany

12.   Admiral Charles Ray (US Coast Guard)

13.   Stephen Miller (Presidential Adviser)

14.   Jalen Drummond (Assistant Press Secretary)

15.   Chad Gilmartin (Assistant Press Secretary)

Karoline Leavitt (Assistant Press Secretary)

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