Stockholm: The 77-year old American poet Louise Gulick has been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in literature. She has previously won Pulitzer Prize, Bollingen Prize and received presidential medal by former US President Barack Obama. Gluck was born in 1943 in New York to Beatrice Gluck and Daniel Gluck and began to write poetry at a very early age. She was frequently told stories and classic literal works by her parents. During her teenage years, Gluck had developed anorexia which she described as a challenger and suffered through her young adult years. Along with anorexia, Gluck began to struggle with mental illnesses and had received therapy for seven years to overcome the psychological challengers in her young life.

Gluck frequently uses death, illness, nature in her works and she had published more than 11 poetry works and many essays. Announcing Gluck as the winner of the Nobel prize in literature, the Nobel Committee lauded Gluck for her unmistakable poetic voice and suggested that the public should read her works. Nobel Committee said that Gluck was not a confessional poet even though Gluck’s works were greatly influenced by her personal life and relationships. The world has had seen countless artists whose lives were wrought with personal problems and Gluck is one of the many of such artists who overcame a crippling illness and in the end, soared high.