Photo Credit: NHS Blood and Transplant

Newcastle, England: A British man called Alan Mack has had been donating his plasma after contacting the coronavirus from her daughter Rebecca Mack. Rebecca has unfortunately died due to the coronavirus at the age of 29. Before her death, Rebecca had worked as a nurse at Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. All three family members, Rebecca, her father Alan and mother Marion had contacted the virus but only Rebecca and Alan became severely ill. Rebecca died after she had called an ambulance but lost her life before it arrived.

Mr. Mack recovered and began to donate his plasma which could help the coronavirus patients to fight the virus. The plasma of a recovered covid-19 patient contains antibodies that can fight the virus. Mr. Mack has donated plasma eight times so far and plans to donate in the future until there were sufficient antibodies left in his plasma.

Tributes poured in for Rebecca after her untimely death and British Isles praised and still praises the frontline workers who have had been putting their lives in danger to save people. In a world wrought with the pandemic, violence, racial injustice, the generous and kind efforts of people like Alan Mack persuade a stark skeptic that there is still some good left in the world. Mr. Mack said that he would want anyone to go through what he had gone through. Rebecca had also worked at NHS 111 service which is a toll-free non-emergency medical helpline number. Rebecca’s life and death holds a light to the saying that the kindest among us shall live on forever even after their demise.