Alberta: A 12-year old called Nathan Hrushkin found a rare dinosaur fossil with his father during a hike in the Badlands, Canada. The duo just finished their lunch on one of their hikes they took this summer and the young Nathan climbed up a hill to have a look. Nathan soon called for his father and judging by the tone of Nathan, his father thought his son had found something significant. They found a bone of Hadrosaur dinosaur that lived approximately 69 million years ago in the Alberta region. The father and son took pictures of the fossil embedded in the rock and sent it to Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology. After verifying the pictures, the museum had dispatched a group of paleontologists to the fossil site. The team had found the bone and had to break down a large rock surrounded the fossil to extract the dinosaur bone from the rock. The team had worked on the site for more than two months and Nathan and his father had visited the site several times during the digging.

Nathan said that he aimed to be a paleontologist when he grew up and conceded that Hadrosaur dinosaurs were not popular among the dinosaurs and the recent discovery only strengthened his will to become a paleontologist.

Fossils are protected under the Canadian law, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada advised the public to not disturb any fossils they found and inform the concerned authorities if they come across any fossils. The team had uncovered more than 30 Hadrosaur bones and the bones were most likely belong to a three or four year old Hadrosaur.