New Delhi: On Thursday, more than 81,000 new coronavirus cases were reported and 1,096 people have died due to the pandemic in the last 24 hours. At a time, when our health care system is stretched to its limits, new cases continue to pile as doctors, nurses and health officials across India continue to struggle treating the patients infected with the deadly virus. While treating a covid-19 patient, a vast array of medical equipment such as ventilator, oxygen tanks, masks and other surgical items are needed. Some private hospitals have opened covid-19 wards and began to treat the patients in a highly contained area in the hospital.

The grim figures recorded on Thursday brings the number of cases in India to 6,391,960 and the number of deaths is close to reaching 1 lakh. So far, 5,348,653 people have recovered in India from the virus. Maharashtra is still the worst affected state in India with Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in the following places. India has been holding onto the second position in the world rankings in terms of infections and holds the third position when it comes to number of deaths occurred due to the virus.

The Central Government has issued orders to re-open public establishments like movie theatres, swimming pools to be opened from October 15th and also issued guidelines to re-open schools in a gradual manner. The Central Government stated this week that there are no plans in place for another nation-wide lockdown and the states and Union Territories can only impose lockdown after consulting with the central government.