Photo by Lewis TsePuiLung 

In a series of unprecedent events this year, The United Nations Assembly was not immune to the events affected by Covid-19. Leaders of some of the most powerful nations on the planet have addressed the assembly in a series of pre-recorded videos. The meeting was full of accusations, finger-pointing and outright attempts to justify unconstitutional actions in their respective countries. In a time, when the world is in a crisis as never before, the world leaders who were supposed to guide us through these dark times, appeared to be divided more than ever before.

India – India slammed Pakistan for bringing up Jammu & Kashmir issue at United Nations and called the country as the ‘epicentre of terrorism’ and accused of harbouring terrorists and hailing them as noble martyrs.

Pakistan – Pakistan brought up the issue of J&K saying that the issue between the two countries remain disputed and is still awaiting a solution from United Nations regarding the dispute.

United States of America – Presidents Trump in his message to the General Assembly, firmly pointed his finger at China saying that it should be fully accountable for coronavirus, calling it, “China Virus.” At a time, when movements like ‘Black Lives Matter’ raging across the country and outcry amid Republican government fast-tracking Supreme Court Justice nomination after the death of much revered Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump said that 2021 is going to be the greatest year ever in the history of United States of America.

China – China was swift to condemn the comments of President Trump. China said that China is to blame for the ongoing coronavirus is a baseless accusation.

Russia – Vladmir Putin in a rare United Nations appearance had stated that Russia’s vaccine against novel coronavirus is safe and reliable and it is Russia’s intention to share the vaccine with the world.

Iran – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani also had a fight to pick with the United States saying that it resisted the actions of the government of United States in favour of peace and stability and chastised the United States for ending the nuclear agreement between the two countries. He condemned the severe economic sanctions on Iran by United States of America.