President Trump and Democratic Party Presidential Nominee Joe Biden will face each other at the first presidential debate ahead of US elections. The elections are scheduled to take place on November 3rd and both candidates have stepped up their efforts to gain initial ground with the voters and the first debate on Tuesday will be an invaluable stepping-stone for either candidate to ascend the throne.

The debate will take place in Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Former Vice-President is currently leading the polls but if polls were any indication for things to come, they are not reliable. In 2016, then Vice-President and Democratic Party’s presidential nominee led Trump in national polls but ended up losing to Trump in elections.

The debate today will be a key factor in the days to come before the elections. President Trump is coming into the debate on the back of yet another major scandal involving his highly controversial income tax returns. The New York Times have reported that President Trump have showed losses to IRS and paid as much as little as $750 in 2016 and 2017. The NY Times report directly contradicts of Trump’s claims of a successful businessman.

The tax return report by NY Times is the least of worries for President Trump as the United States is sharply divided in the areas of racial injustice. Mass protests began after the death of a black man, George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota Police Officers.

President Trump will be facing daunting questions about his tepid covid-19 response from Biden. More than 200,000 American lives have been lost due to the coronavirus since the pandemic began in March.

In the previous debates against Hillary Clinton, President Trump was unforgiving and bashful which worked quite wonderfully for him in 2016.