Photo by Andrew Caballero Credit: AFP via Getty Images

Pascale Ferrier, a 53 years-old Canadian woman who allegedly sent a letter laced with lethal substance to Trump was arrested by border guards at a border crossing in Buffalo, New York.  The authorities charged the suspect. A letter laced with ricin was found at a screening facility this month. It was addressed to President Trump. The authorities have stated that the suspect is a computer programmer hailing from Quebec Province in Canada. She is originally from France like several Quebec residents and was granted a Canadian citizenship in 2015.

Ferrier was previously arrested for illegal possession of a firearm in Texas early last year. Along with the letter addressed to White House, Ferrier had also dispatched similar letter to Texan authorities. Ricin is a highly poisonous substance if ingested, the victims will face certain death in less than 72 hours. In the letter, Ferrier demanded President Trump to not to renew his application as the Republic Nominee for 2020 Presidential Elections and accusing him of ruining of United States of America. A female actor was charged and sent to jail for 18 months when she was found guilty of sending a similar ricin laced letter was to then President Obama and was imprisoned for in 2015.