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In a stunning report published by newspaper giant, New York Times, it is said that President Trump had paid a total sum of 1500 US dollars in years 2016, the year when he was elected as the President and the following year 2017. President Trump paid a measly 750 dollars for a year despite his self-proclamations of highly successful businessman and a billionaire.

The report further stated that President Trump had not paid income taxes in the last 10 of 15 years claiming loses. The New York Times will not be publishing the documents to protect its source behind the report. Despite reporting loses to IRS, Trump boasts a luxurious lifestyle with several residencies, private planes, humongous expenses. Trump’s campaign in leading to the US elections in 2016 pointed out that as a successful businessman, Trump would be steering US economy in the right direction. President Trump did not report his tax reports in 2016 claiming that they were under audit.

He repeated the same on a press conference held in White House on Sunday saying that The New York Times report on his taxes were totally fake news. He said that he had paid substantial amount of taxes in the past and the dismissed The Times report as fake and phony.

Trump will be facing former vice-president Joe Biden in a debate on Tuesday in Cleveland, Ohio. It is yet to be seen if Democratic Party presidency candidate Biden will bring up The New York Times report during the debate. The US elections are scheduled to be held on November 3rd.