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The goals continue to pile on as the new season of English Premier League move forward amidst odd circumstances. On Sunday, Leicester played Manchester City and Pep Guardiola was left bemoaning his side’s attitude after The Foxes ran a riot at Etihad Stadium scoring 5 goals. To be fair, Manchester City’s squad was missing key players but a club like City should have more depth in their ranks to face any kind of opponent on any given day. The club escaped punishment after violating financial fair play rules and spent millions on new players for 2020-21 season.

The Sunday game showed how fragile Manchester City could be at times. The fragility was consistently exposed by foreign sides in Uefa Champions League year in year out but Manchester City enjoyed an untouchable status domestically albeit struggling somewhat against English champions Liverpool. Every team struggle against Liverpool.

The hero on Sunday for Leicester was Jamie Vardy. The ever-reliable English striker scored a stunning hat-trick to take The Foxes to the top of the table. Leicester fans should feel extremely grateful for their striker as many forwards across footballing world jump ship to wealthy clubs and in search of substantial pay rise once they have established themselves as a consistent goal scorers. Yet, Vardy remains at Leicester showing the modern football is not all about money.

Manchester City’s defence was laid out to waster on Sunday. Mahrez wonderful goal gave them a solid start but soon Kyle Walker fouled Vardy inside the 12-yeard box and a penalty was awarded to Leicester. There was no need of controversial VAR as the foul was as dirty as one could be. Vardy took the penalty with absolute confidence and Leicester used the goal as leverage to propel themselves forward. 5 minutes into the second half, Vardy scored again at close range and scored again a penalty. In the end, Manchester City rued themselves and Leicester had gone home with high spirits knowing they played one of the best games in the season and the season had just started hinting there is more to come.

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