Photo by Filippo Monteforte Credit: AFP via Getty Images

In a recent interview with CBS’s Lee Cowan, Lady Gaga opened up about her battle against the invisible illness. She said that she came to a point where she couldn’t stand her own image as Lady Gaga. The 34 year old American pop-singer who first came to attention after her debut album, “The Fame” rose through the music charts globally prompting millions of sales.

According to Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, the success, the fame and recognition that followed had created a significant dent on her mental health. She said that she contemplated suicide and couldn’t see a purpose in living. She also said that her fame made things complicated that she couldn’t do normal things like going to a grocery store or having a peaceful dinner with her family or friends before fans vying for her autographs or selfies with her.

Fortunately, the singer said that she has a different perspective these days. Her love of music was one of the chief reasons for her to take depression head-on. Here’s hoping the ‘famed monster’ continues to win in her battles against mental health issues. Her recent album, ‘Chromatica’ was released in May this year and received positive reviews from critics.

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