New Delhi: India has tested a supersonic cruise missile named, ‘BrahMos’ from its testing range in Balasore, Orissa. The third test took place on Wednesday. Currently, BrahMos is the primary land to surface weapon for Indian army. Brahmos has several key parts such as booster, subsystems developed in India. The missile range of ‘BrahMos’ is over 400 kms with absolute precision. Previously, ‘BrahMos’ was developed in conjunction with Russia. Due to the ongoing standoff with China, this previously developed missile was deployed in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh.

India and China claimed territory in Ladakh and the confrontation turned violent when twenty Indian soldiers were killed in mid-June. Since the confrontation, top ranking army officials from both India and China held meetings to resolve the issue but only resulted in a temporary truce as of yet. The future is uncertain on the issue with both armies deploying armies and weapons on their sides of borders with future talks expected to take place between India and China.