Photo by STR Credit: AFP via Getty Images

Hyderabad’s own ‘Skyroot Aerospace’ has revealed its cryogenic rocket engine  which is set to be used in ‘Vikram-2’ launch vehicle. The engine is named as ‘Dhawan-I’ named after Indian rocket scientist, ‘Satish Dhawan.’ Skyroot Aerospace is based in Hyderabad and was founded in 2018 by a group of former Indian Space Research Organization employees. Skyroot is privately owned thus ‘Dhawan-I’ becoming the first local and private cryogenic rocket engine in India.

Pawan Chandana, CEO of Skyroot has told that the company is in the process of building several engines for different thrust levels. The engines run on Liquefied Natural Gas and Liquefied Oxygen. The company is also now building a testing facility to test these engines. Skyroot had recently tested an upper stage rocket called. ‘Raman’ after the famed Nobel winning physician CV Raman. Skyroot is the first private company in India to test fire an upper stage rocket.

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