Photo by Nitot Credit: Nitot via Wikimedia Commons

The legendary bike company Harley-Davidson is pulling out of India. India is the biggest market in the world for bikes. The company has stated that it is stopping manufacturing and selling operations in India. The tax regime in India has proved troublesome for businesses to operate inside the country and last week, Toyota had also announced that they had no plans to expand further in India. General Motors also pulled out in 2017.

This move by Harley-Davidson comes as a blow to India as the government has been trying to lure international businesses into the country. It will result in 70 redundancies and the closure of its plant in North India. Harley Davidson was found in 1903 and has developed a loyal fan base across the world with numerous clubs existing glorifying the motorcycle company.

Harley Davidson came to mainstream attention after the bikes were heavily featured in the American movie, “Easy Rider” starring Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson.