Hyderabad: In one of the biggest metropolitan cities in South India and densely populated city of Hyderabad, 85,000 people were booked for driving on the wrong side. There is still three months to go in the abominable year of 2020; the figure could very well cross the 1 lakh mark if the last year’s figure was any indication.

With a high immigration rate from central Indian states and districts from both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is a crowded mess Add to the mess, a huge IT corridor, humongous real-estate projects under construction across the city. The result is a daily unmitigated disaster. Despite Hyderabad Traffic Patrols constant patrols in high-traffic areas and a large number of bookings for violating traffic rules, travelling around Hyderabad or even walking on the roads became a dangerous venture.

On any given day, people can be seen riding motorcycles without helmets, car drivers without seatbelt in place, vehicles going at reckless speed became a common sight in the city. The densely populated areas in India are not a recent phenomenon. The gradual rise in population rates had seen India occupied by citizens so densely. But, in the event of crowding and heavy traffic, it would be in the best interests of people if everybody follows the traffic rules to a T. Traffic rules should be enforced more stringently and awareness should be increased in populace for prevention of road accidents. A death in a family due to a road accident can tear a family apart and all individuals who take the road should keep that in mind.

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